DSTV Extra View Cost of Installation

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What is the 2024 DStv extra view price?

Besides your usual DStv fee, add R105 per month for each extra decoder.

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Navigating the world of DStv Extra View can be complex, but with the right guidance, it doesn’t have to be.

Whether it’s installation, functionality, or troubleshooting, this FAQ section has you covered.

From DIY solutions to seeking professional DSTV installers, you’ll find concise answers to common questions.

Dive in and empower yourself with the knowledge to enhance your DStv Extra View experience effortlessly.

How Do You Connect DStv Extra View Cables With a Smart LNB?

  1. Decide on a suitable position for the satellite dish.
  2. The unicable connector on the smart LNB should receive a coaxial or RG6 cable.
  3. Connect the decoder to the coaxial wire.
  4. Put your decoders in place.
  5. Set your decoders to work.
  6. Make a payment online.

What Is Required for DStv Extra View Installation?

An 80cm satellite dish and a DStv Smart LNB are generally recommended for most XtraView installations. Different packages on linked decoders are not allowed.

How Is a DStv Switch Used for Extra View?

With a twin L&B, plug the two cables coming from the satellite dish into the corresponding ports. The DStv Switch is crucial for connecting DStv Explora to most existing DStv installations.

What's the Purpose of a Splitter in DStv Extra View?

For DStv extra view platforms, the All-in-one Heartbeat as well as SLX Splitter/Amplifier allows the connecting of three decoders while providing additional points in the home.

Can I Use My Extra View Decoder at Another House?

No and yes. As long as your primary decoder has your connected smartcard, it may operate in another residence because it is coupled with your smartcard.

What's the Cost of Installing DStv Extra View?

The average cost ranges between R350 and R400, depending on the complexity of the setup, the type, and the number of decoders.

What Kind of Cable Is Needed for Extra View?

It is necessary to link the dish, main, and secondary decoders via a smart LND cable.

How Many TVs Can You Link to DStv Extra View?

Up to two or three decoders may be connected using XtraView with an extra monthly Usage Fee for each additional decoder.

Can Two Decoders Be Connected to One TV?

Yes, two decoders may be linked to a single TV utilising a dual LNB.
Check our guide on how to connect DStv decoder to TV for more information.

What Does a DStv Switch Do?

The DStv Switch facilitates the connection between the DStv Explora and the satellite dish, as well as some XtraView configurations.

Can You Have DStv and Openview at the Same Time?

Yes, a dual LNB may be used to link two decoders to a single TV.