DSTV Satellite Dish Installation

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Do you have questions about dish sizes, frequencies, or even if you need a dish at all?

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How Long Does DSTV Satellite Dish Installation Take?

The installation typically takes between 1 to 3 hours. Our skilled technicians ensure a smooth and efficient process, getting you connected as quickly as possible.

What Areas Do You Cover for Satellite Dish Installation?

We cover major cities including Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, and more. Check our website for the full list of service areas.

Is the DSTV Satellite Dish Installation Weather-Dependent?

Yes, extreme weather conditions might cause delays. However, our technicians are trained to handle various weather scenarios to ensure a successful installation.

What Satellite Does DStv Utilize in South Africa?

DStv operates through Intelsat 20/36 in South Africa, positioned at 68.5°E.

Can I Set Up a DStv Satellite Dish Myself?

Yes, even with limited experience, you can install a DStv satellite dish. You’ll need to find the perfect spot and aim the dish skyward to receive a signal. This signal can then be transmitted to your TV via the proper wiring. For DIY enthusiasts, you might want to check out our DIY DStv dish installation guide.

What Size is Suggested for a DStv Satellite Dish?

The ideal size for a dish that’s compatible with the DStv HD Decoder is an 80cm dish. It should be used with a single LNB or a DStv Smart LNB for the best reception.

What Frequency is Used by DStv?

DStv in Africa uses several frequencies, including 11474 V and 11510 V, both operating with DVB-S SR 30000 FEC 5/6 system in South Africa.

Is a DStv Satellite Dish Necessary?

Not always. If you own a Samsung, LG, or Hisense SMART TV, you can access DStv without a dish. All that’s needed is the DStv app on your Smart TV and a stable internet connection.

How Many Years Does a Satellite Dish Usually Last?

Typically, a satellite dish can function without issues for about 10 to 15 years. Factors such as the dish’s quality, material, location, and installation may affect its performance and lifespan.

Can Satellite Dishes Be Fixed?

Absolutely! If you encounter issues with your Satellite TV dish, our technicians can visit your location to assess and repair it. We strive to identify the problem and correct it for an improved signal experience. If you need professional help with repair or replacement, visit our decoder repair and replacement page.