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DSTV explora decoder


Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Here, you’ll find answers to common inquiries about DStv’s services, device troubleshooting, and decoder functionality.

We aim to provide comprehensive solutions to enhance your viewing experience, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to request assistance from an approved DStv technician via our website.

How do I fix a corrupted DStv Explora decoder?

Try resetting it first. If it doesn’t work, consult an approved DStv technician via our website.

What do I do if my DStv Explora is not working?

Check your connections, power reset the device, or contact an approved technician.

Where can I replace my DStv decoder?

You can replace your DStv decoder at any authorized DStv service center or store.

Where can I take my DStv decoder for testing?

You can take your DStv decoder for testing to an authorized DStv service center.

What causes DStv Explora to be corrupted?

Corruptions can be caused by software glitches, faulty hardware, or power supply issues.

What causes a decoder not to switch on?

A decoder may not switch on due to a power issue, a malfunctioning power adapter, or an internal hardware problem.

Can a DStv decoder be repaired?

Yes, a DStv decoder can be repaired. Please contact a DStv technician for assistance.

Is there a reset button on a DStv decoder?

Depending on what decoder you have. On a DSTV Explora Ultra there is
reset button on the front of the decoder. For a standard Explora decoder, you can hold the “standby” button for a few seconds. Alternately switch the decoder off via the plug switch.

What to do when DStv decoder is not scanning?

Check your dish alignment, cables, or contact a technician.

Why is my decoder not showing channels?

A decoder may not show channels due to a subscription issue, signal loss, or a hardware issue.

What does the red exclamation mark mean on the DStv Explora?

It often means there’s an issue requiring your attention, such as a payment issue or technical fault.

What causes DStv decoder to freeze?

DStv decoders can freeze due to software issues, hardware malfunctions, or signal problems.

Can I replace Explora hard drive?

It’s not advisable to replace the Explora hard drive yourself. Please contact a technician.

How do I clean my DStv Explora hard drive?

You can’t physically clean the Explora hard drive. For software issues, a reset or a technician’s assistance is needed.