Maximizing Your DSTV Extra View Distance: Effective Solutions for Extended Reach


In the digital age, ensuring seamless connectivity in every corner of your property, especially for entertainment services like DStv, is a common challenge. This article delves into the complexities and solutions for extending DStv’s XtraView service to distant locations, such as a flatlet on a small holding, based on real-world experiences shared on the “Mybroadband” forum.

Key Takeaways: Extending DStv XtraView Over Long Distances

Aspect Details
Distance Limitation Successfully extending over 100 meters is possible with the right setup.
Smart LNB Utilization A smart LNB can simplify the setup, often requiring only a single cable.
Heartbeat Generator Useful for older setups to facilitate long-distance connections.
Strategic Dish Placement Placing a communal dish at a midway point can aid in signal transmission.
Real-World Success Story Success achieved with two Explora 2A decoders and 100 meters of coaxial cable.
Cable Quality Ensuring high-quality, suitable-length cables is crucial for signal integrity.
Signal Strength Consideration Longer distances may impact signal strength and quality.

The Challenge of Distance in DStv XtraView Setups

Understanding XtraView Requirements

DStv’s XtraView allows multiple decoders to be connected under a single subscription, providing flexibility and convenience. However, when it comes to extending this service over a significant distance, such as 100 meters or more, several technical considerations come into play.

Key Considerations for Long-Distance XtraView

  • Cable Type and Length: The type and length of the cable used play a critical role in signal quality.
  • LNB Type: Whether you have a smart LNB or an older version can dictate the setup and cable requirements.
  • Signal Strength and Quality: Longer distances can weaken signal strength, impacting the viewing experience.

Solutions for Extending XtraView Over Long Distances

  1. Smart LNB Utilization
    A smart LNB simplifies the setup by allowing the heartbeat signal to be sent via a single cable. This is especially useful for newer installations or upgrades.
  2. Using a Heartbeat Generator
    For older setups, a heartbeat generator can facilitate the connection over longer distances. This device, as demonstrated in a user’s experience on a farm, enables effective communication between the primary and secondary decoders.
  3. Strategic Dish Placement
    Placing a communal dish with a smart LNB at a midway point between the main house and the distant location can help in successfully transmitting the heartbeat signal.

Real-World Success Story: A Practical Example

Kwa3’s Experience on “Mybroadband” Forum

A forum member, Kwa3, shared their success in setting up XtraView in a cottage 100 meters away from the main house. Utilizing two Explora 2A decoders, a smart LNB, and 100 meters of coaxial cable, they managed to establish a functional XtraView connection. The key was ensuring the correct type of LNB and proper cable installation.

Final Thoughts

Extending DStv’s XtraView service over long distances requires careful consideration of equipment, cable quality, and strategic setup. While challenges like signal degradation exist, solutions such as smart LNBs, heartbeat generators, and optimal dish placement can effectively overcome these hurdles. Drawing from real-life experiences and practical advice, users can achieve a reliable and enjoyable viewing experience, regardless of the distance.


What is the distance for extra view on DStv?

The distance for DStv XtraView can be extended to at least 100 meters with proper equipment and setup, such as using a smart LNB or a heartbeat generator.

Can I use my DStv extra view decoder at another house?

Using a DStv XtraView decoder at another house is not typically feasible, as it is designed to work under a single subscription within the same premises.

What is DStv extra view?

DStv XtraView is a service that allows multiple DStv decoders to be linked under one subscription, enabling different channels to be viewed in different rooms at the same time.

How much does XtraView cost?

The cost of DStv XtraView varies based on the subscription package. It involves an additional access fee per month on top of the standard subscription.

Which decoders are XtraView capable?

Most modern DStv decoders, including the Explora range and some HD models, are XtraView capable.

Can I watch DStv on two TVs?

Yes, you can watch DStv on two TVs by using the XtraView service, which allows multiple decoders to be connected under one subscription.

Can I share a DStv with my Neighbour?

Sharing a DStv subscription with a neighbour is not permissible as per DStv’s terms of service. The service is intended for use within a single household.

Can you watch DStv with someone else’s account?

Watching DStv with someone else’s account is generally against the terms of service, especially if it involves sharing the service across different locations.


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