A Guide To DSTV Installation Costs In South Africa

If you’ve just bought a new decoder or are setting up in a new location, be prepared for these expenses associated with DSTV setup.

In South Africa, the fees for DSTV setup include the installation of either a standard HD PVR DSTV decoder or an Explora PVR decoder. Costs will differ if you’re upgrading from a single-view setup, adding additional viewing options, or require an extra smart card.

Table of DSTV Installation Prices:

Service Cost Range
60 – 90m Satellite Dish R250.00 – R450.00
10m cabling Included
Workmanship per hour based on setup complexity R400.00 – R750.00
Dual LNB R300.00 – R450.00

DSTV Installation: What to Expect

While it might seem straightforward to set up a DSTV system by simply connecting the decoder and dish, the actual installation process can be more complex than anticipated.

Often, individuals believe they can easily install their decoder and dish without assistance, which can lead to numerous problems and frustration. Achieving optimal reception requires careful placement of the satellite dish.

A thorough understanding of satellite technology and the nuances of installing both the satellite and decoder is crucial for a smooth setup process.

MultiChoice advises using a 90cm satellite dish for optimal signal reception, ensuring high-definition picture quality. For those satisfied with standard-definition quality, a 60cm dish is adequate.

Proper alignment of the DSTV satellite dish is crucial for maximum signal strength. Therefore, it’s advisable to engage a professional installer who possesses the necessary equipment and expertise for precise satellite dish alignment.

Inclusions in Your DSTV Installation Package

  • Bracket Requirements: Standard homes typically need a 300 x 150mm wall bracket. However, special circumstances may necessitate a larger bracket.
  • Bolts: We recommend using steel coach screws instead of metal bolts for enhanced longevity.
  • Washers: Anodised washers are advisable to prevent corrosion.
  • Cable: A polyethylene outer casing is recommended for its resistance to moisture and the African sun.
  • Connectors and Other Essentials: Typically, 2-4 F-connectors, a high-quality decoder, LNB, and surge arrestor are included. We also provide cable clips and ties for secure installation.

Installation: More Than Just Setup

While it may seem like just setting up a decoder and dish, proper DSTV installation requires expertise. Satellite dishes must be optimally placed for the best reception, and without expert knowledge, this can be challenging. A 90m satellite dish is recommended for HD quality, while a 60m dish is suitable for SD. Proper alignment is key for signal strength, emphasizing the need for professional installation.

Choosing the Right Professional with DSTV Pro Installation

Finding a skilled professional is crucial for a successful DSTV installation. DSTV Pro Installation offers a wide selection of accredited installers. Here’s how to ensure you find the right one:

  • Detailed Communication: Providing comprehensive details helps the installer understand your needs better.
  • Comparing Quotes: Assess quotes from various professionals.
  • Geographical Coverage: We offer services in major cities including Johannesburg, Roodepoort, Sandton, and Fourways.

Remember, the cheapest option might not always be the best. Consider the entire package: professional reviews, your interaction with them, and the overall cost.


How Much Does Installing DStv Extra View Cost?

The installation cost for DStv Extra View typically ranges between R350 and R400, provided you have all necessary accessories. The cost can vary based on the complexity and number of decoders required.

What Is Included in a DStv Installation?

A standard DStv installation includes an 80cm satellite dish kit with a standard wall bracket. If the dish needs elevation above the roof, a 1m x 1m bracket is required, along with a Multichoice approved LNB.

What Is the Duration for DStv Installation?

The time taken for a DStv installation depends on its complexity. A single view installation and dish alignment usually take less than an hour, while setting up extra views can take up to two hours.

What Documents Are Needed for DStv Subscription?

To subscribe to DStv, you’ll need a South African ID, proof of residence, a payslip or proof of income, and valid bank account details.

Is There a Monthly Fee for DStv Explora Ultra?

Yes, DStv Explora Ultra requires a monthly Access Fee and an active DStv subscription for the full experience, including XtraView connections and streaming apps access. An additional Access Fee is charged for adding a third decoder in XtraView.


With over a decade of experience in satellite installation, Mthunzi is a seasoned Satellite Installation Technician at DStv Pro Installation. Recognized for his meticulous attention to detail and expert knowledge in signal troubleshooting, Mthunzi has successfully completed over 1,000 installations, earning a reputation for reliability and excellence. Certified and constantly updated on the latest technology, he’s the go-to professional you can trust for a seamless DStv experience.

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