How to Remove PG Blocked on DStv?


As a DStv subscriber, you may have come across the Parental Guidance (PG) blocking feature that restricts access to certain channels and programs based on age. While this feature can be useful in keeping children safe from inappropriate content, it can also be quite limiting for adults who want to watch shows that aren’t necessarily appropriate for younger audiences. In this article, we will discuss what PG blocking is, why it’s important to remove it, and how you can do so.

Explanation of What PG Blocking is on DStv

PG blocking is a feature on DStv that restricts access to certain channels and programs based on their age rating. When enabled, this feature requires users to enter a PIN code before they can access restricted content.

The age ratings are based on the South African Film and Publication Board’s classification system which ranges from U (universal) to 18 (restricted content for adults only). This means that even if you are an adult subscriber, you may not be able to access certain shows or movies if they have been rated as inappropriate for younger audiences.

Importance of Removing PG Blocking on DStv

While PG blocking can be useful in keeping children safe from inappropriate content, it can also be quite limiting for adults who want to watch shows that aren’t necessarily appropriate for younger audiences. By removing PG blocking, adult subscribers have the freedom to choose what they want to watch without any unnecessary restrictions. It also ensures that age-appropriate content is accessible when needed as different shows catered towards different ages are available at all times regardless of whether one has young children or not.

Understanding the PG Blocking Feature on DStv

What is PG blocking?

PG blocking is a feature that allows parents or guardians to control what their children watch on their DStv. This feature restricts access to programs and channels that contain content above a certain age rating. With PG blocking, parents can ensure that their children do not watch violent, sexual or other inappropriate content.

How does it work?

When a parent sets up the PG blocking feature on DStv, they choose an age restriction level that suits their children’s ages. The levels range from 13 years and younger (PG13), 16 years and younger (16), to 18 years and older (18).

Once this is set up, any program or channel above the selected age restriction will require an access PIN before viewing. This ensures that only authorized viewers can access such content.

Why is it important?

The importance of the PG blocking feature on DStv cannot be overstated. Firstly, it ensures that children are not exposed to harmful and inappropriate content at an early age.

Secondly, it gives parents peace of mind knowing that they have some control over what their children are watching when they are not around. Additionally, the PG blocking feature aligns with South Africa’s Films and Publications Act which prohibits minors from accessing certain content without adult supervision.

Reasons for Removing PG Blocking on DStv

Age-Appropriate Content: The Importance of Setting Boundaries

One of the most significant reasons to remove PG blocking on DStv is to ensure that the content accessed is age-appropriate. While some parents may feel comfortable allowing their children to watch anything, others are wary of exposing them to inappropriate material.

By removing PG blocking, you can set boundaries based on your child’s age and maturity level. This way, you can ensure they are not exposed to violent or explicit content that is not suitable for their age group.

Freedom to Choose What to Watch: A Personalized Viewing Experience

Removing PG blocking also gives you the freedom to choose what you want to watch. Whether it’s a blockbuster movie with mature themes or an award-winning drama series, accessing this content should be easy and seamless. With DStv, you can have a personalized viewing experience tailored specifically to your preferences and interests.

Avoiding Unnecessary Restrictions: Reducing Frustration and Inconvenience

Removing PG blocking from your DStv account eliminates unnecessary restrictions that may frustrate and inconvenience you when trying to access certain channels or programs. For instance, if you are an adult who has no children in the house, then having parental controls in place may be unnecessary since there’s no one who needs restricting from watching any particular program. In this case, removing these controls will help streamline your entertainment experience and eliminate any unwanted barriers getting between you and your favorite shows or movies.

Steps to Remove PG Blocking on DStv

Accessing the Parental Control settings

To remove PG blocking on DStv, you need to access the Parental Control settings, which allow you to adjust the age restriction levels. To access these settings, press the “Menu” button on your remote control. Navigate using the arrow keys and select “Settings” > “Parental Control.” If you have not yet set a PIN code, you will be prompted to do so before proceeding.

Entering the PIN code for verification

Once you have accessed the Parental Control settings menu, you will be required to enter your PIN code for verification purposes. This ensures that only authorized users can make changes to these settings. If you have forgotten your PIN code, contact DStv customer support for assistance.

Changing the age restriction settings

After entering your PIN code, scroll down until you find “Age Restriction.” Here, you can choose from several options ranging from PG13 (parental guidance recommended for children under 13) to 18 (only suitable for adults). Select an appropriate age restriction level based on your viewing preferences.

Saving and exiting the settings

Once you have made changes to the age restriction level in Parental Control Settings menu of DStv and are satisfied with them, remember to save them by pressing “OK” or “Enter” on your remote control. Then exit out of all menus by pressing either ‘exit’ or ‘menu’ at this point before returning back into another channel that was previously blocked by PG blocking. It is important to note that it may take a few minutes for changes made in parental control setting menu of DStv system may take up some time before it reflects those changes across all channels that were previously blocked by PG blocking.

Troubleshooting Tips Removing PG blocking on your DStv might not always go as planned due to some unforeseen issues.


This section will explore the common issues people experience when trying to remove PG blocking and how to resolve them. Wrong PIN

One of the most common problems people encounter when removing PG blocking is entering the wrong PIN code. If this happens, you won’t be able to access the Parental Control settings needed to remove PG blocking.

To resolve this, you need to reset your PIN code by following these easy steps: 1. Press “Menu” on your remote control.

  1. Select “Parental Control.” 3. Enter 1234 as the default PIN code.
  2. Select “Change Pin.” 5. Enter a new four-digit PIN code and confirm it.

Technical Issues Sometimes, technical issues can prevent you from removing PG blocking on DStv successfully.

If this occurs, try resetting your decoder or contacting customer support for assistance. If you’re still experiencing problems after following these troubleshooting tips, contact DStv customer support for further assistance.

Conclusion Removing PG blocked on DStv is essential in ensuring a better viewing experience for all members of your household, regardless of their age or preferences.


By understanding how to access and change parental control settings effectively and overcoming any issues that may arise during this process, you can take full advantage of all the programming offered by DStv without unnecessary restrictions. Remember that if you encounter any problems during the process or have any questions about parental control features on DStv, their customer support team is always available and happy to help!


Removing PG blocking on DStv is an essential step for anyone looking to have complete control over their viewing experience. In this article, we have outlined the meaning of PG blocking and how it works on DStv. We’ve also discussed the importance of removing PG blocking and the reasons why it’s necessary.

Furthermore, we’ve provided a detailed guide on how to remove PG blocking on DStv, including troubleshooting tips to help you solve any issues you may encounter along the way. By following these steps, you can enjoy age-appropriate content, choose what you watch freely without unnecessary restrictions and get a better viewing experience.

Removing PG blocking on DStv gives more control over what one watches while ensuring that all content is suitable for them without any unnecessary restrictions. So go ahead and take control of your viewing experience by following these simple steps!


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